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Unlock the Power of Generative AI for Your Clients

Gooey.AI is the Low-Code No-Code platform to Discover, Build, and Share Generative AI workflows and simply connect them to your established environment.

Elevate Your Brand

Leverage All of the Best Open Source and Private LLMs and Models

Firms trusting their Gen AI delivery on Gooey.AI

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"With Gooey, we built in a day what our internal team had been working on for 3 months."

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We had 3 developers working 3 months on an agriculture chatbot for Malawi farmers. In an afternoon, we were able to push our authoritative agronomy extension content into Gooey.AI and usability test a hallucination-free, multilingual WhatsApp RAG bot - with page-level citations, built-in speech recognition, analytics and evaluation.

According to the CEO of BCG, the consulting industry is in the midst of a transformation with AI integration projected to account for up to 40 percent of revenues by 2026. Moreover, a Harvard Business School study has showcased how Generative AI tools significantly boost productivity and enhance work quality among consultants.

Gooey.AI is the intuitive, no-code / low-code platform that streamlines the creation of Generative AI workflows, empowering you to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to your clients.

Increase your reputation providing access to all of the best models with data to support which performs best for each of your unique use cases.

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Drive Revenue Growth with differentiated Generative AI services.

Deliver greater speed to value realization for your clients with quicker workflows deployment based on shared preconfigured workflows, and automatic API endpoint creation for easy integration into existing environments.

Work confidently with security overlays to enforce enterprise standards

Quantify benefits of workflows you build with our analytics to substantiate value adoption and use

quickly deploy and demonstrate workflows in any environment (white-label) with web widgets

Access to the best of open source and private models interchangeably and in concert with each other

Optimize spend by comparing quality and speed of the outputs across various models, against the cost of each

Easily incorporate proprietary and technical documents into Generative AI workflows for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to specialize and focus the output of the workflows

Create content optimized for the new SEO paradigms and bulk custom emails that evade spam filters

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API endpoints, automatically generated from every workflow, seamlessly incorporate Gen AI products into existing systems and processes or deploy via common communication platform integrations

Forbes recent survey reported that most business owners exoect AI to have a positive impact on their businesses, but 35% are anxious about the technical abilities needed to use AI efficiently. By building on our no-code / low-code orchestration layer for Generative AI, consultants are empowered to bridge that gapfor their clients. You can now rapidly build and deploy Gen AI solutions that your clients are looking for. Enhance your service offerings and drive significant value for your clients – quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Schedule a meeting to walk through our platform, explore our public workflows, and discuss how your firm can build new repeatable service offerings on top of Gooey to propel your business as the world shifts to this new reality.

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