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A Gooey.AI Contest for AI-Generated Art Styles

Calling all Artists, Designers and AI enthusiasts!

We are seeking your creative genius and AI prompting powers to explore novel styles that embrace the AI experience in everyday life, our environments, and the wider world. Let's come together to create a vibrant stylistic playground – welcome to the AIverse.

Showcase your AI-Art Style and stand a chance to win exciting prizes!


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The Challenge:

At Gooey.AI we're on a mission to make the world of AI more accessible, imaginative, and impactful. We serve as an orchestration layer that brings together multiple AI applications within a single platform. Our everyday AI tools empower individuals and businesses to explore the vast possibilities of AI creativity & productivity. We simplify the complex world of AI.

With that in mind,  your task is to conceive a visual style that embodies the seamless integration of AI into the world and everyday life! We want to create a stylistic universe that captures the vibrance of the growing AI community through art.


Pastel Gradient

Choose a Contest Brief:

Contest participants can choose ANY ONE of the two briefs given below, as their inspiration to create their AI Art submissions. You must submit a concept note and a series of 5 AI images tied to the brief of your choice.

Whether you're inspired by the future, the fusion of art and technology, or the magic of AI-powered solutions , we want to see your interpretation! - photo An 8k resolution matte painting... made of gold by greg rutkowski and bee

AI-Inspired Metropolis


What are the aspects of an AI-enabled Cityscape?

Is it futuristic or ancient? Who is it for? Explore the landscapes, environments, structures, materials, inhabitants, their mobility and all that reflects a blend of culture, innovation and imagination in collective space. We aim to create shared spaces that echo the vision of collaborative AI.

At Gooey.AI, we are acutely aware of the environmental challenges arising in our advancing technological landscape. We are keen to look at demonstrations that are conscious of AI in the context of climate action.


AI-Empowered Experiences


We encourage you to explore everyday life through the lens of AI. What would  routine entail for the AI enabled world or for an AI itself? Think about everyday practices, our relationship with work, activities, adventures or leisure. What could these experiences be and what do these spaces look like? What are the objects of such adventure or leisure?

Show us what your desired AI universe would feel like, form no bound. Whether real, surreal or fictional, craft an AI-identity through experience. - analog style a cute robotic metal pen...ovitchev marc simonetti krenz cushart s

*Choose any ONE of the above categories to explore the content of your AI generated art.

What we are looking for:

  • A unique and creative aesthetic style.

  • Consistent stylistic approach and visual language in your image set.

  • An innovative concept or narrative that ties all your images together.

Our Awards

Untitled design.png

  • 50,000 Credits on Gooey.AI
    for our Honorary Mentions.

Gooey Gallery Gurus


  • US $350 Cash Prize

  • 50,000 Credits on Gooey.AI

  • Exclusive 1:1 GenAI Masterclass with our in-house AI Experts.

The Grand Gooey Generator

  • US $150 Cash Price

  • 50,000 Credits on Gooey.AI

Golden Gooey Runner-Up



Contest Guidelines

  • All Participants must have a Gooey.AI account with a valid email. If you're new, sign up here:

  • All submissions must be created on Gooey.AI with our Compare AI Image generator tool.

  • Contest Registration:


    Participants must register for Generate: The Gooey AIverse Contest to avail Gooey.AI credits by filling the registration form. Registrations  are open from the 21st of September to the 30th of September 2023.

    • Registration Credits:

      Once you fill the registration form, within 24 hours we will add 2000 credits to your Gooey account for the purpose of generating your submissions.


      Please note: The registration form is only to enter the competition and avail extra credits for the same. This is not the final submission form. Those who wish to participate and haven’t registered by the 30th of September are most welcome to submit their entries, however, they would not be provided with extra credits.

      Please contact for any queries.


  • Submission:
    The Final Submission Form will be live on here, on the 25th of September 2023.
    We will be accepting final submissions from the 25nd of September to the 15th of October 2023 (11:59 pm IST)

  • Instructions:

    • Choose a brief of your choice. Use it as inspiration to create a concept note and visual style.

    • You are to submit a series of 5 AI generated images that best represent your concept.

    • Submissions must include your Gooey.AI run links with prompts. Follow the instructions in the form. Incomplete submissions will be disqualified.

    • We will only accept one submission per email. In case of multiple entries or re-submissions we will consider the latest entry only.

  • If you wish to post your image/photo(s) entries on instagram or twitter, please do so with the hashtag #GooeyAiverse and mention @gooeyai

  • The winners will be announced on the 19th of October 2023.

  • We will be sharing shortlisted entries and other updates on our social media platforms.  Join our contest Discord Channel to hang out with other participants and the Gooey.AI community at large!

Happy Prompting!

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