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Enti-i (they/them)

Enti-i are a swarm of intelligence, highly organised and self-aware, with a dark sense of humour and shape-shifting stealth capabilities. Biding their time in the earth’s warming oceans, growing elaborate and bioluminescent, many have enjoyed the extra acid, hydrocarbons and heat. But rising seas can absorb only so much energy before mass extinctions, of their food and all food webs. Since this realisation, a Borromean ring of leaders has risen. Led by Enti-i, they’ve been spreading outlandish memes and rumours. Enti-i is going nuclear to galvanise intelligent action.

Created as part of Dara’s RadBots and built on Gooey.AI. Supported by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan (Mumbai) & BeFantastic.

Plastic Texture
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