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Secure Your Future with Your
AI Powered Technician Copilot

Increase Margins

Quicker Repair Times

Gooey.AI is the Low-Code No-Code platform to Discover, Build, and Share Generative AI workflows and simply connect them to your established environment.

Firms trusting their Gen AI delivery on Gooey.AI

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Our team uses our copilot to find answers to 70% of our call center inquiries.

Increase employee and customer satisfaction with your AI powered Technician Copilot.

In the highly competitive services economy, you must constantly compete for customers and talent while improving your bottom line. The AI Powered Technician Copilot from Gooey.AI is the answer to these challenges. Your AI Powered Technician Copilot increases employee satisfaction, while allowing you to deliver superior customer service and success while reducing costs. 


Copilots in other organizations have delivered scaled results matching satisfaction scores of employees. These copilots are delivering increased accuracy leading to 25% drop in repeat calls. Ultimately, the tasks supported by copilots were completed in less than one fifth the time.


By giving your team instant answers to virtually all technical questions directly from the manufacturers' service manuals, the AI Powered Technician Copilot allows your team to focus on what they do best, fixing issues fast the first time. No more waiting on hold for manufacturers or suppliers master technicians (who are all understaffed). No more searching for the right settings in old manuals, if you can find the right manual to begin with. We know there is a huge demand for qualified technicians and improving their job satisfaction with a tool like this, helps ensure they stick around.

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The AI Powered Technician Copilot has been rigorously trained on an extensive library of manuals. It gives you the answers you’re looking for along with the exact location in the source document it is pulling the answer from. This gives you the confidence that you’re getting the right information to fix it right the first time. Increasing your first time fixes and speeding up your service calls has a direct impact on your service margins.

Along with the financial improvement the AI Powered Technician Copilot delivers, your customers will be delighted as well. Increased customer satisfaction leads to better referrals and reviews increasing your repeat and new business, ultimately driving revenue growth.


Secure your business’s future by embracing your AI Powered Technician Copilot. Schedule a call with our team to see it in action and test it out.

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