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Senior Software Engineer

Remote (Preferably India)

Job Type:

Full Time

About the Role

Why us? 

* We are building an incredible GenAI platform that abstracts all the latest LLMs, animation tools, speech reco, etc from OpenAI, Stability, Google, Meta, etc. One of our projects - https://Farmer.CHAT - was demoed at the UN General Assembly in April 2023. You'll be the 3rd engineer

 * We are going open source 

* We are funded and profitable 

* We have cred: Dev Aggarwal is probably the best GenAI engineer in India. Sean Blagsvedt started and sold and help found Microsoft Research India. Archana Prasad founded, and the TechArt festival. 

Here's what we want in you: 

We're looking for a thoughtful and creative Senior Engineer to join our team. You are someone who feels pride from writing code you are proud of, you enjoy creating new user experiences and solving fun technical problems. 

You lean into opportunities to learn unfamiliar technologies in order to solve a wide range of problems. 

You care first and foremost about doing what’s necessary to enable Gooey.AI make Generative AI accessible to everyone. 

You delight in helping people and having a joyful work environment. 

You will: 

- Collaborate with teammates to implement and launch highly visible, user-facing features from start to finish. 

- Implement the diagnostics, tests and other tools to feel confident that your work is behaving correctly for our users with every checkin and as we scale. 

- Produce solid quality code, raising the bar for the whole team on quality and speed. 

- Work with Python as our primary language of Gooey.AI, including Django for admin tools. We also use HTML/JS/CSS for rendering public content and hence, web skills are useful too.


  • 3+ years of experience as a Software Engineer.

  • Pride yourself on a strong foundation python, React but excited for DevOps and MLOPs.

  • Are independent, hard-working and thrive in an environment of high-trust and little micro-management. 

  • Are self-motivated and self-directed, and always seek out the highest impact way to spend your time. 

  • Are enthusiastic about new technologies, but judicious about using them. 

  • Are looking for a joyful remote work environment where you and your teammates look forward to coming to work. 

  • Are humble and intellectually curious. 

  • Are passionate about employing Engineering best practices, especially for remote teams. For us that includes CoPilot/ChatGPT for productivity, Asana for task management, GitHub for versioning, Code Pairing, Reviews, Unit testing.

  • Want to join a profitable, high growth startup in the hottest tech space as our 3rd Engineer.

About the Company

The best place to build, distribute & find Generative AI apps. We are an AI builder for the world's most innovative eCommerce and online brands - a Zapier + Pinterest for Generative AI. With our low-code platform and strategic consulting, we simplify the complex world of AI.

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