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Pricing Plans


The plan for individuals, startups and freelancers 


2,000 Credits/month

Includes (est)

400 Copilot Conversations

40 Lipsync minutes

133 Animation seconds

75 AI QR Codes

Commercial rights for orgs with <$1M revenue / year

Everything in Starter plus

Saved Private Workflows

Auto-recharge w/ custom budgets

Premium LLMs: GPT4o, Gemini, Claude

100MB of Knowledge

11Labs voices for Lipsync


For teams & orgs that need a commercial license


20,000 Credits/month

Includes (est)

4000 Copilot Conversations

400 Lipsync minutes

1333 Animation seconds

750 AI QR Codes

Commercial usage rights for all companies

Everything in Creator plus

Team Collaboration

1GB of Knowledge

Zero-data retention options

Early access workflows

Premium support via Slack


For large organizations that need unlimited access, enterprise SLAs & support.

Let's talk

Custom Plans

Includes (est)

∞ Copilots & Conversations

∞ HD Lipsync


Bespoke Codes & Unlimited Scans

Reseller Rights

Everything in Business plus

Customized workflows

Knowledge with 1000s of files

Managed WhatsApp Numbers

AI Consulting & Team Training

Access Gooey.AI codebase

Dedicated account manager

On-prem & VPC installations

Support via Zoom

Best Value


The best of private & open source AI. No credit card required.


500 Credits to start*

Includes (estimated)


100 Copilot Conversations

10 Lipsync minutes

Run & fork every public workflow

WhatsApp, Slack, FB & Web copilots

33 Animation seconds

15 AI QR Codes

Non-commercial terms

Top LLMs (GPT3.5, Mistral, LLaMA3)

API Access

Community Support in Discord


Professional Services and Agencies

The plan for building your AI offerings with your own private branded Gooey.AI

Everything in Creator, Business & Enterprise plus

Private branded work site to demonstrate workflows to clients
Resellable commercial licence

Training for your AI consultants

Liability Coverage
White-labelled Gooey.AI services
Customized channel pricing
Use your clients API keys

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit?

Every time you run a Gooey.AI workflow on the web or via an API, you are charged credits to pay for the AI services that power your workflow. Credit charges vary depending on the AI models you use, the workflow and the length of content you provide and produce.

How much does a credit cost?

Credits cost between $.02 to $.01 depending on your plan. If you are a business customer, a workflow run that costs 5 Credits will cost you $.05 cents.

Do I need a credit card to use Gooey.AI?

No. If you sign up to Gooey using a verified Google, Apple, GitHub or mobile phone number, you'll receive 500 free credits to get started. After then you can buy additional credits via Stripe (using your credit or debit card) or PayPal.

Can I white-label Gooey.AI's services and APIs?

Yes! We offer preview packages that include commercial and reseller license rights to resell our services and APIs.

How secure is Gooey.AI?

All data is encrypted in transit (TLS 1.2). Strict access controls are used to limit who can access data, with every employee signing an NDA. Our security team has an on-call rotation that has 24/7/365 coverage and is paged in case of any potential security incident. We, nor our LLM partners train on your data. You can read more about our data and privacy policy

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