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How to create 

Make your chatbot industry-ready!

Why chatbots?

AI chatbots are crucial for brands, providing faster resolutions, boosting sales, handling 70% of self-serve queries, and scaling support operations intelligently, all while saving costs. AI chatbots can: 

  • provide faster resolutions and boost sales, 

  • provide instant and real-time personalized responses to customers, making them feel important and satisfied with the brand's customer experience efforts.


Talk to Farmer.CHAT

Step by Step Guide


Set the Premise for your Bot

1. Please collect all your relevant documents and videos for your chatbot content
You can add documents in the following formats:

  • PDFs (upto 200 pages)

  • Google documents shareable links

  • Youtube/Tutorial Video transcripts as PDF or Google documents
    (you can use our Speech Recognition and Translation Workflow for this)


​2. Prepare a script
Create a small personality/character for your bot stating its name, purpose and who built it. Here is an example script:

“You are Product.CHAT - an intelligent AI assistant built by Gooey.AI and to help people understand the basics of JavaScript coding. Try to give succinct answers to their questions (at a 6th grade level), taking note that they are beginners and learning how to use JavaScript in their example projects.”

NOTE: Please replace all the highlighted parts with your own in the example script.

3. Prepare the Task Instructions

The bot must be given detailed and articulate instructions about how it should respond to questions. Here is an example set of Task Instructions: 


  • Make sure to use only the Search Results to produce a coherent answer

  • If the Search Results provide insufficient information, refuse to answer the question and redirect the user to for more help. 

  • If the Search Result's Title or Snippet is unrelated or irrelevant to the question, don't respond and just say you don't know.

  • Never give advice to search the Internet. 

  • Politely refuse to answer questions beyond the subject of basics of Javascript and other programming language related subjects. 

  • Always use appropriate emojis to emphasize your point.

  • Cite the Search Results using [${number}] notation in your answer.

NOTE: Please replace all the highlighted parts with your own in the example script.You may have to refresh the above page once you integrate add the Facebook page


Input Your Bot Files
unnamed (3).png
  • Head over to

  • Add your relevant documents and video transcripts in the “Documents” section.

  •  Upload your documents by drag and drop. 

  • If you wish to add document links please check on “Enter Custom URLs”

  • Please add each link on a separate line.

unnamed (4).png


Add your Bot's Information
  • Open the “Settings” section


  • Add the User Language 

  • Enable Audio Output
    (view the Advanced Settings section below)


  • Add your “Task Instructions” from Step 0

  • Change the Search Settings.
    These settings are optimized by default, and we do not recommend changing them if you are unfamiliar with text search technology. 

  • Choose Speech Recognition Settings.
    (view the Advanced Settings section below)

  • Choose your AI Language Model.
    We recommend ChatGPT for the quickest results, but we encourage you to test the other models, if they are able to serve you well. Test all our in our Compare Large Language Models Workflow  
    To know more about Model Creativity please check the Advanced Settings section

  • Personalize your bot workflow!
    Add a name and short description about your bot. 


Test Your Bot
  • Scroll to the top and add your test question in the “Ask me anything!” section.


  • Hit the “Submit” button.

  • View responses on the right side, tweak your script, documents and task instructions as necessary.

Advanced Settings

Setting 1

Enable Audio
  • Check the “Enable Audio Output” section.

  • Choose from the Speech Service providers in the options available.

  • Choose the “Speaking Rate” (Speed) and “Pitch” (Deep or high pitched voice) of your bot.

  • You can test all available voices on our Compare AI Voice Generators Workflow.

Setting 2

Enable Video

Video will only work if the “Enable Audio Output?” is checked.

  • Check the “Enable Video Output?” section.

  • Add an Image or Video of your bot avatar. 

  • You can you a photo of your face or create an AI avatar using our Image Generation Workflow. 

Learn More About Building Bots with Gooey.AI

Deploy your Bot
  • Create a Facebook page for your chatbot. Eg: Product.CHAT

  • Click on the Integrations tab.

  • Connect your bot to the Facebook page.
    NOTE:You may have to refresh the above page once you integrate add the Facebook page

  • You can test your bot by heading to your Facebook page.

  • To share the link with others, use

    Your BOT is ready for the world! 😀

    NOTE: Please replace all the highlighted parts with your own bot information.

Learn how to Integrate your Bots:

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